Pike County, Illinois
Pike County in Illinois is known for it's Pope & Young (P&Y) and Boone & Crockett (B&C) trophy bucks. It is the top producer of P&Y bucks in Illinois. Many 125-150 P&Y bucks are available in Pike County. Illinois hunters have taken almost 5,000 P&Y whitetails. As of 2011, Illinois is 3rd with producing 136 B&C deer. Between Illinois and Iowa, these states have produced 46 of the top 100 typical bucks in history. All of these scored 180 inches plus. Between Illinois and Kansas, these states have produced 51 of the top 100 non-typical bucks in history. Pike County has 28 non-typical B&C bucks in the record books. The above information was taken from reported deer kills. Many more record deer are taken but not reported.

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